Keep Faith, and Believe in Love

We know how you feel!  We know, as parents of two cancer kids, how much pressure would be expected.  Financial, emotional, familiar, and physical.  Thank God, many people love us, more than you would expect.  In the last 10 years, we have received countless great love and help from many friends and many charity groups.  Below is a list of the charity groups aim to help a family with cancer patients, especially cancer kids.  Please follow the official links below to apply.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to try to get help.  And you are welcome to leave a message and encourage each other in this DonorHero app.  We will soon open registration to all the patients' families such that we can unite and connect together in DonorHero and share the love and support till we win the batter against cancer.  Let's keep our faith and believe in love.


我们知道您的感受!我们知道,作为两个癌症孩子的父母,将会承受多大的压力。财务,情感,熟悉和身体上的。感谢上帝,许多人爱我们,超出了您的期望。在过去的十年中,我们得到了许多朋友和许多慈善团体的无数热爱和帮助。以下是旨在帮助患有癌症患者,尤其是癌症孩子的家庭的慈善团体列表。请点击下面的官方链接申请。如有任何疑问,请随时寻求帮助。欢迎您在此 Donor Hero 应用程序中留言并互相鼓励。我们将很快向所有患者家属开放注册,以便我们可以在 Donor Hero 中团结和联系在一起,分享爱心和支持,直到我们赢得抗击癌症的成功。让我们保持信念,相信爱情。

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Is Driving Progress To Ease The Pain  Of High Cancer Care Costs For PatientsFor financial assistance, please click LLS for financial aids such as co-pay assistance program and more.